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I finally did a partial revamp of my site. Basically I’ve got rid of all the superfluous stuff and made the social links more visible. It now has (I hope) a more clean look. I’ve kept the big thumbnails though, which I kind of like. Oh, and I also wrote a private php routine to help me easily upload new images to the site without the need to manually update the database. I don’t have the slightest idea about how everyone else does this, so most probably I’ve been reinventing the wheel. Anyway, I hope that will make updates of the site more fluent.

I also draw this sort of self-portrait for the about section. Yes, deep inside I am a curious, shy little creature.



Copious loved are existing in this group

Abundant smile and funny scoop

Redundant jokes and corny words

Eternal CARE is our swords.


Comrade word is the best word to define

Avoid uncertain words that make us unfine

Rapport of each of us is always present

Embracing everyone to be free from absent.



Characters of us that make us bind

Attitude of each here in our mind

Real personality is one of our similarities

Esprit de corps, a feeling of loyalty.



Che vianney, Anthony, reynald and edher.

Are the people behind this letter

Renowned group of our society

Extraordinary and naturally crazy.



Corporation of us is not only friendly

Amazing relationship I can say we are family

Refractory pride of mine that leads us in missing

Errors of mine that made misunderstanding.



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